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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  August 10, 2012 2:05am-2:40am PDT

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the bid we ended up accepting $67,000 over what we asked bay area seti with the hottest real-estate market in the country it is probably the last place you'd expect. my stomach flip-flop bank accounts strained after a giant ball in college at southwest airlines this woman is underwhelmed by how the tried to make it up to her. everyone talks about the make it up to her. everyone talks about the heat wave how hot
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to buy and oakland's. when don newton and her husband bought their dream home and oakland's destroyed in april the day that $1.4 million 70,000 below the asking price. for a home that that on the market in six months. so when the couple play for sale sign on their two- bedroom home and scenic ave and they didn't expect to get aid offers it sold in 15 days. the bank that we ended up accepting a $67,000 over what we're asking. me we're stunned. oakland has the fastest selling homes in u.s.. with an average of only 24 days and markets.
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oakland is a hot area right now. it is popping. military say several factors are driving the real estate frenzy the city has 65% fewer homes on the market this year than last 30 to 40% of sales have been on distressed towns like foreclosures mortgage interest rains in decades and oakland homes of the median price for more affordable than across the bay. what's happening and san francisco is the price points are really getting out of a lot of people's reach said looking at the sister across the bay to come into lives to work and to play. this three-bedroom 24 square foot home and the oakland hills as a price tag of $549,000 and is remodeled two- bedroom is asking $292,000 and many homes and getting multiple bids over the asking price and no plans cbs five. hot enough for you today? well if that's a was taught to get ready the bay area is in the middle of what's
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expected to be the longest heat wave in years roberta? that's the key is the longest heat wave as far as prolonged days are concerned but certainly not the hottest temperatures. and as many in san jose up from 8468 in san francisco's police ponselle not everybody is filling this current heat wave its isolated to are in the areas where pleasanton advertise 88 by tomorrow will be least 13 degrees above normal santa clara only six degrees above average now he comes at a price will talk about the spare the air day and well also pinpoint when the cooling begins later on. to limit:? right now it is a but coke is in the middle of it in on the creek with the push to try to stay cool. of course
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as just enjoy it and find it feels good to the outside. we caught up with you on the hottest areas in the day. if you can't beat the heat he might as well embraces. six year-old natalie and his sister are too familiar with the test the temperatures. the brought along their dad cool drinks and a picnic blanket to watch the movie under the stars. this letter needed. did waves that is like 7:00 at night there was still '90s. the 90 plus temperatures of nine to four fresh in compared to what it was inside her home. they're the kind of conditions experts warn can sneak up on you if you're not careful. 66 to 5 degrees the
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house now all that long as 75 degrees so you continue to dehydrates overnight. these were in surprised when i tell them the may have to endure the longest heat wave in six years. they're pros and it has been prepared. the good sense in i've ever had. and today very stay white flecks the letter was issued to try to encourage people to reduce their power in the afternoon because more people and then turning on the air conditioning units. also cal fire increases their crews for the next few days because it's the humidity jobs. live and on the creek as this cooks cbs five. did waves is a real testament to the scope of violence unfolding in oakland to tonight one family is preparing to barry did third victim. the latest 16 year-old gunned down and hill bullets while a group of friends. this is a regular
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teenager having fun. a few hours but to attack before tatiana turner was shot and killed last night tuesday in a teenagers do dressing up close to these pictures on bass boat. i look cousin is gone and she lost her life. sue's sandwich friends outside when the gunfire started. bullets pierced a pickup truck and shattered a window. this 23 year-old male was shot expected to live. shot heard sons and then fell baby girl left motherless. her baby as a drug now without a mom. oakland police say they are interviewing witnesses but so far no arrests. they're quite a few people that were present
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during the shooting and that's part of the investigation turner's family can figure out how the bubbly oakland high student with a big smile became the city's 69th homicide victim this year. with philip this is it once again a random act of violence in east oakland's this family knows about random deadly violence tatiana's own father was shot and killed four years ago. her cousin who is interning at the oakland fire department. is this one cousin after the other. where aking we don't know what to do. the turner family would gather at the scene on the murders tomorrow in noon. to grieve and asked the committee to turn over their guns and turn in the shooter. in oakland cbs five. the three south bay children left to his parents were killed are getting some special help from police these days the san jose police officers association has set up a victims' assistance funds solum six to $200 set in raise
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and today their aunt told cbs five she is surprised by the outpouring of support. it's it's incredible how many people have helped us hands when they see s they're always given us their condolence room when we do prayer's some many people go there. the children's parents were shot to death in their home the suspects 31 year-old pager medina. was thought to have fled to mexico there is information on how to donees our web sites cbs sf dot com. the 49ers have agreed to share the team as settle this dispute dispute over $30 million for its new stadium. the team sued in june after a senate that oversight board sees tax dollars today this team agreed to share that money so the san clara unified school district avoided costume cuss the schools will
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get $7 million over the next three years the 49 years will get their money over five years. more fallout from the chevron refinery fire residents who say they're suffering from the aftereffects are lining up for lawyers cbs five reporter joe vasquez shows us how the state bar association is out to make sure that those attorneys are planning by the rules. a month's time the growth of halfway down the block three days after the chevron fire there's still a huge crowd showing of the law offices of a bikini. and still filling can of lightheaded and having a stomachache and short of breath. they still say they feel ill. everybody was sick from the explosion. i think they said it paid for something. that's when i hear it and i discuss here? for their representatives of the state bar of california the agency that regulates lawyers is the they're not allowed to talk to reporters other handing out
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paperwork that revises them to know the rules it keeps them from actively soliciting clients after an accident. mckinny has signs in front of his office any says that he is absolutely doing everything by the book. an attorney can advertise. decline has come to you you can't go to them. just across the street was signed in handing out fliers for another attorney in oakland this set there claims office of the community center and evan avenue but it won't be open until tomorrow those are taking claims at 9:00 a.m.. mckinny tells me he's upset about that rep and of another attorney and now flies directly across the street as far as we can sell it doesn't break any legal or ethical rules we have reached out to that is turning but haven't received a call back yes. in richmond cbs five. this is the most progressive cycling in the entire south bay but is it confusing? and passenger's
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charged 51 times for the same flights what southwest airlines is doing for customers to add days without money. it feels like someone is taking a break and pushing it on the back of my head. my grandma leavitt's is not involved,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, buys a glitz love them
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drivers are mixed feelings but
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the bay area has more bike lanes tonight 7 mi. of them in the city of san jose we're talking about fourth street in the downtown area reporter can't tell gives us a look. degrees by clients have come of age and says day the problem is he may not recognize them. have you ever seen markings like this before? not for a bike lane. i wouldn't know what it was. after four years of planning the city of san as a celebrates today with the ap ride this one is called the parking protected by claim and is the first of its kind south bay. it's kind of biking gem. as we see a bicyclist i think is really going to create small shift in thinking about how we can not just a car centric by its make a community where people can feel comfortable biking. move a bike lane into the curve as far away from vehicle traffic as possible designers say it is
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safer which encourages more biking. did waves the city says drivers are adapting to the changes forever bumpers out like extension of the curve and normal rules still apply red for fire lines below for loading and so on but it takes getting used to. is it confusing at all? it was the first but then i figured it out. that added a buffer zone bill incurred year has been steep puzzling some drivers like jenny lind. let's just say that car up there is trying to turn up to life with a bike lane. but as bragging rights. and the most visible sign yet of the this outcome. and so the next couple of months you should see us more by claims by cells and by sharing program this is all part of the grand let sent to get them off the next couple of
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decades five and says they can't tell cbs five. they say this southwest billing glitch trained her bank account. she brought one ticket and was charged 51 times. csi reportedly was on how the airline tried to make an upturn ends she says she's not it's not enough. my stomach foot plot. the going to be my bank account and the day. over and over again. then randomly turning another 4500 more than $11,000 and all training ramona kobe's bank accounts beating her with no way to pay her credit card bills by gas even food southwest airlines plane the duplicate charges after friday's
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half of cell. is processing refunds and promised to reimburse personal charges. but for some light, who now faces late fees. in this economy can't afford to have credit problems. airlines have sales like these issues now they're getting into. to have to have enough staff to handle is. no response from southwest on whether the cover late fees in the credit bureaus now is their fault customers couldn't pay their bills. reminisces southwest has front refunded and this is a good example of why you shouldn't use a debit card tied to your bank account. julie what cbs five. painful migraines are
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a fact of life for millions of americans but not everyone wants to take medication for it every day and show gray go on the specific vitamins and minerals for can help and the foods watch out for. you can only function you can do a job you don't get out of bed. not long ago migraine's stock lizzy elizabeth and her tracks several days a week it feels like someone is taking a break and pushing in on the back of my head. but she didn't want to take daily medication to prevent migraines. my goal is something more natural. analysts cut down the number of headaches people are having and make sure that if you have a say do have our easily treated. neurologist julie brice tonight prescribing treatment plan that includes taking in the lease supplement. also known as b-2's taking at 200 mg twice a day has been
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known to reduce frequency of she says magnesium's supplements can also prevent like eggs leafy greens and seed can also be beneficial butterbur a desirable supplement that is also an effective treatment that is not found in foods. did we is proven to be almost as effective in reducing hattic frequency. another will supplement is related to the days the plant but it's not for everyone. some studies have shown that makes some people said is worse. tries to get a oz's hours of sleep and what is your diet. has been life changing. michelle greta cbs five. and from the weather center beating everybody it was
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65 today is 65 1/2 monday to one of three livermore now the day that will pan out to be the ,,,,,, ministry in livermore
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and still more kids coming this way the slide is are whether camera looking out toward the bay bridge where we currently have clear skies their livermore's still at 75 that seventy in met with city mid-60s and says say it slow cool down to ninth this is not your typical offshore flow. high pressure is well over the four corners that's why we're having a state why he waved and basically the interior valleys in lind's 109 fresno for friday one of four sacramento down from one awaits today and 90s on the south and north shore one of three assembly with a slight chance of a thunderstorm but bobby and monterey until the
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afternoon and former fog that well and did the bed in fact dance fog tomorrow morning for the commutes over the san mateo coastline visibility down to a court of a mile of the bill which treats high tempters inland in a slow recovery is far as our temperatures are concerned biddies for a net lows marla looks like another spare the air day in the second consecutive one primarily east and south of the bedroom and on the south central day as the ozone pollutants get very top is surface nowhere to go. 10 to 15 m.p.h. '50s and '60s to the beaches '70s coming from sam is hail thrilling game into south san francisco 95 in morgan hill otherwise 11 m brown led just a couple degrees cooler in and tomorrow 90 in petaluma then i numbers go back again won a three on saturday and our inland areas and then temperatures above normal every single day to this time next week that your pinpoint forecasts dennis. have
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you picked up your copy of the daily review that line my sh,,
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and after months of trade rumors it appears that's magic big men's white howard found that his wish to six time all-star is reportedly on its way to the lakers as part of a four way team deal howard and kobe together in this in every now. opening round of the pga championship in south carolina
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tiger was last chance to win a major this year it begins a three and a 69 is just three shots off the lead and he's right there. so is big john daly. he sings the eagle putt on 11 dailies today for under 68 easily to off the lead. everyone will be chasing bad man. carl peterson had never shot a los seventy in five previous pga championships that she did say the approach stocks a few feet from all the percentages of a 66 to take a one-shot lead for mcelroy is one of five office tie for second at 500 and with daily in the hunt you can expect his fan following to be even bigger than normal. did we think it's like my golf game is up and down. it's valley battle and get through its. people early to that. the crowds are always amazing. this keeps you going. it's good on the back nine. i
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love it. not too many players to their leavitt's. fans and the 2. giants wrapping up their road trip in st. louis and for the first time in seven games they fail to store score the first inning and win might help the giants a 1 runner seven innings in the bottom of the first is it to run shot off madison baumgartner who is 27, the season carlows split as series of the giants. these down and out of one game jim harbaugh love coaching football but sometimes even as he has a few pointers for members of the media to step up their games. the master of the obvious questions today. this could be really intend themselves appear. member for love of soccer team beat japan 2212 in the gold medal and a bandage world cup loss final #3100 pens may be struggling to play and is hitting only 1.4 cents to trade bus number two preseason
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football redskins quarterback r g three midseason for the touchdown celebrations among defense team ever won. this poor guy came up the little stores in his attempts to jump over the golf course and we suggest you do not read and home. mellon is very nice. don't forget ford and his preseason 6:00 right here. it goes back back to fifth grade. ,,,,,,,,
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doran long division?
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wiff cornelius david letterman next. with rare iman know. football tomorrow night. ,,,,,,,,
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